Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Why use recruitment process outsourcing services?

As the business grows the need for increased personnel becomes more apparent, and so Test Associates can take the headache of recruiting. Test Associates RPO is ready to step in and step out as required, and works with your existing structure to manage the recruitment process from beginning to end.

Using Test Associate RPO service where you have the heaviest demand can lower your cost and reduce ‘time-to-fill’ while providing consistency and uniformity within the workforce.

Your existing HR team can handle the interviewing, hiring and onboarding processes, while Test Associate will remove the headache of advertising, screening and CV sifting for multiple positions.

Benefits of our RPO solution

  • Measurable results
  • Lower cost to the business
  • Reduced time-to-fill each position
  • Consistency through the workforce
  • Uniformity across business units
  • Use our proprietary assessment tools and interview techniques to find the best person for the job